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Our hot and rainy climate can cause serious deterioration of roofs and other features of a residential or commercial property in Tampa FL. One way of solving some of the problems is expert exterior cleaning. We proudly provide the highest quality pressure washing Tampa residents appreciate. From power washing to driveway cleaning and roof cleaning, we got you covered!

Roofs are the first line of defense for a residence or business in Florida’s rainy season. Roofs keep out the rain wind and heat, and keep in air-conditioned cool air. But roofs need maintenance, and part of that is periodic cleaning.

There are a good many things that can dirty Tampa’s roofs. The city has a large number of attractive oak trees, which produce vast amounts of pollen that stick to surfaces where it lands. The frequent summer storms resulting from the daily sea breeze mean winds that can carry twigs, leaves, and other materials to your Tampa roof. Any points on a roof that retain moisture can quickly result in the growth of mold. Add in large numbers of birds, and the large population of squirrels that feast on acorns from the oaks, and you can see why roofs in Tampa can quickly become unsightly. It can get far worse than unsightly, because mold, algae, and moist areas can weaken roofs and even damage of the underlying structure.

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This is where pressure washing comes in. Hydro Tech Pressure Washing is highly experienced in cleaning Florida roofs. We know what causes problems. We use a low pressure form of power wash that cleans roofs without damaging them. It might be tempting to rent a high-pressure unit and blast away at the mold, but that’s likely to blast away the protection your roof provides. Shingles and tiles are particularly vulnerable to damage from high-pressure washing. Our low-pressure method used a detergent that cleans and also eliminates biological agents like mold and algae. Our methods also are harmless to plantings, paint, and sidings, and any runoff will not cause any pollution.

We recommend a thorough washing once a year. A clean roof lasts longer and retains its strength longer. No roof lasts forever, but regular washing can add years to your roof’s lifespan. Regular high-pressure methods on a yearly basis can cause regular damage, so low pressure (also called soft washing) is best. A clean roof also looks a lot better. It contributes to curb appeal and maintains the property’s value.

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Pressure Washing in Tampa Florida

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Exterior Home Pressure Washing Tampa FL

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Pressure washing is a good idea for more than just Tampa roofs. The same things that can accumulate on and stain roofs can accumulate on and stain any surface, from the outside walls of a home or business structure to walkways, driveways, business entryways, any concrete surfaces, pavers, and much more.

Concrete is often used for walkways, driveways, and parking areas. The combination of rain and Tampa’s oak pollen can stain concrete an unattractive orange-black. Parking areas inevitably get stained by oil and gas from car exhaust, as well as what tires can track on. Pressure washing can clean concrete areas, but again, high pressure can cause problems such as spatter and damage to lawn and flower plantings, and the runoff can be unsafe. Low-pressure washing cleans concrete just as well, with few of the side effects of high pressure. Pressure washing can also improve the look of pavers, but care must be taken so that washing does not harm the material between pavers that holds them in place.

Low-Pressure Tile Roof Cleaning Tampa FL Services

Hydro-Tech Pressure Washing Is All you Need

Hydro Tech knows how to effectively clean concrete made unsightly by Tampa’s oaks, weather, and cars. Just as clean roofs can add to eye appeal, clean concrete surfaces make a structure look better. This is particularly the case for Tampa business, which relies so much on attracting tourists and other visitors. As a result, we proudly provide the best roof cleaning in Tampa FL residents trust.

Regardless of the type of roof you have on your property, our team will ensure it looks new again. With our leading tile roof cleaning services and low-pressure methods. This new style of roof cleaning uses safe chemicals to effectively remove the dirt and grime from your property. We do not use a high-powered pressure cleaning machine on your roofs. The use of high-pressure jets can cause extensive and costly damage to your home. Be sure to fully understand the type of Tampa roof cleaning services you are receiving from any company!

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Additional Home Pressure Cleaning Services

Hydro-Tech Pressure Washing Is All you Need

Florida means air conditioning. Central AC usually has the equipment on a slab outside the home, and also often window units. These produce moisture and are places where mold happily develops. While pressure cleaning is not appropriate for the equipment, low pressure washing effectively cleans the areas below window units. More importantly, the temperature differential between a cool interior and the outside heat can lead to some condensation on windows and even on siding. This can also lead to problems with algae and mold on the exterior walls of a home. Hydro Tech recommends house washing as a way to clear off any mold and all the grime that can accumulate. The colors of your paint or siding will immediately look brighter and cleaner.

Other things can discolor a home’s exterior. Homes with flowers and other plantings close to the structure can continually brush against the walls. They can also harbor a wide range of insects that can leave stains, webs, cocoons and other debris on your walls. Many Tampa homes have automatic lawn irrigation systems that splash sidewalks, drives and outside walls. Over time, minerals in the water can create discoloration that can be hard to get rid of. Hydro Tech’s soft power washing can come to the rescue again!

Many Tampa homes have swimming pools, areas that include decks, pool cages and other surface areas than can get just as grimy as roofs or sidewalks. Recreational areas like these get the usual grime, but also what bare feet can track onto the surfaces, and may feature anything from dropped pizza slices to stains from spilled beer to stains from chemicals used in keeping the pool clean. Soft pressure washing is the most effective way of cleaning pools and recreational areas.

Lots of Tampa homes have tool sheds and privacy fences. The sheds are usually galvanized steel, and the fences are usually wooden or vinyl. Like any other surfaces in the Florida rain and sun, they can accumulate dust and debris, and exposure to the UV rays in sunlight can cause discoloration. Fences can accumulate debris from lawn mowing or lawn treatments, and wooden fences in particular can quickly look tired and old. Tampa pressure cleaning solves the problem.

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Hydro Tech Pressure Washing cleans up Tampa’s roofs and houses, walkways, drives, decks and fences. For your Tampa pressure washing solutions, give us a call today!

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